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for aerospace

Propojovací kabely

Propojovací kabely

Kabeláže subsystémů letadel a jejich propojení dle standardů pro letecký průmysl

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Ovládací a řídicí panely

Ovládací a řídicí panely

Elektromechanické sestavy řídicích panelů

Kabelové svazky pro motory

Kabelové svazky pro motory

Kabeláž k turbovrtulovým motorům

Řídicí jednotky

Řídicí jednotky

CSU jednotka pro ovládání klapek

Testovací zařízení

Testovací zařízení

Testery palubního napájení letadel, tester kontroly stavu kabeláží

Zakázková výroba

Zakázková výroba

Kabeláže pro upgrade vybavení letadel, účast na vývoji kabeláží pro sériovou leteckou výrobu


Located in the region with a long history of aircraft production, Ray Service has skilled personnel and certified procedures for supplying any customer within the aerospace industry, both civilian and military. Long-term cooperation with major aviation industry players allows us to answer all of the customer’s demands on-time, with favourable pricing and excellent quality.

Parts Per Million


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On-Time Delivery

97,36 %

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EN 9100

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we offer expertise in

Engineering & Production

  • Production of cable harnesses according to standards for the aviation industry
  • Manufacturing of mechanical and electromechanical assemblies
  • Testing of products in climatic chambers
  • Supply of components and assemblies
  • Production in cleanrooms according to ISO 7 and 8
  • Reverse engineering
  • Delivery of CoC and EASA Form 1 documents
  • Management system of supplies corresponding to Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier

We strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection

  • Innovative approach – including paperless documentation
  • Flexibility – we operatively adapt production to the current customer requirements
  • Reliability – continuous monitoring of compliance with lead times
  • Quality – continuous monitoring of the quality of the products supplied
  • Global supplier – we are expanding our global presence
  • Customer focus – long-term support of the achievement of the objectives of our customers

Each project requires different approach

  • Built to print

    We create reality from your drawings.
    Production according to customer data in compliance with all the required standards and specifications.

  • Industrial design

    Our ideas contribute to your success.
    Optimizing design, materials and technologies to achieve cost savings and increased product quality.

  • Make to spec

    We create customized solutions.
    Production according to standards and specifications using high-quality and cost-effective components.

  • Prototyping

    We materialize ideas.
    Development and production of prototypes, their testing and documentation.

  • Reverse engineering

    We create the new from the old.
    Analysis of the product, creation of documents and production using the most recent materials.

  • Different approach

    Are you looking for a different approach that would better suit your needs?

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Případová studie

Airbus and Boeing

Ray Service has cooperated in the development and manufacture of cabling and electromechanical assemblies for Airbus and Boeing aircraft systems, which are the leaders in the field of the transport aviation industry.

Interconnection Cables

Cable Harness Manufacturer

A wide range of products

The portfolio of supplied products is very wide, so you can find these products in various aircraft systems, both in transport and the military. These components include heating element wiring, cables for Water/Waste systems, cable harnesses for Air Management - Drying + Humidification equipment or aviation engine wiring.

Components for cable harness production

- D38999, EN36, EN35, Positronic connectors
- conductors (M22759, EN2267, EN2714), cables (M27500)
- shaped parts
- braids (polyester, Nomex, copper)
- insulating materials (EN6049)

Kontaktní osoba

Kontaktní osoba

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Dalibor Kunc
Head of Sales

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