Ray Service is fully aware of the necessity to observe basic ethical principles and to strictly follow the applicable laws, regulations and professional standards. Ray Service has therefore established its own Compliance Programme, implementing the necessary tools and procedures while taking into account the position of the company both on the Czech and foreign markets, the scope of its activities and the applicable professional and legislative requirements.

The Compliance Programme of Ray Service is based on the adherence to the fundamental ethical and integrity principles as stated in the company’s Code of Conduct. In order to facilitate the exposure of unethical or illegal conduct, a Compliance hotline and a set of subsequent procedures have been established ensuring a proper investigation and resolution of the reported issues.
Ray Service undertakes to evaluate the effectivity of the Compliance Programme and to improve it on a regular basis so as to minimise the current risks in the relevant areas.

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"The main aim of the Compliance Programme is to ensure the overall integrity and adherence to the values of the company in line with the applicable laws and regulations. We are convinced that achieving these goals strengthens the long-term growth, sustainability and success of Ray Service."

Code of Conduct


Ray Service considers the compliance with ethical principles to be the key element of success in all activities. For these purposes, we have published this Code of Conduct containing binding rules and principles of our business, which we require all our employees to follow. The Code of Conduct for Employees is an internal document of the company and has been deliberately prepared to reflect the relevant situations and areas of activities of our employees. Its main contents are:
  • Defining company values and principles of professional ethics;
  • Setting responsibilities regarding the roles of the employees, managers and the company itself;
  • Protection of employees’ rights and stipulation of obligations of the company towards the employees;
  • Defining business principles and rules when dealing with customers and suppliers;
  • Measures regarding the use and handling of information;
  • The promotion of environmental protection and community engagement.
The Code of Conduct applies to all employees of Ray Service as well as its managers, members of the board of directors and supervisory board. In addition, it also applies to all companies within the 3G group. Everybody has been informed about the consequences of a potential breach of the stipulated rules and principles.

Business partners

As part of our responsible business attitude, Ray Service selects its business partners carefully. We expect all our business partners to abide by the rules and principles laid down in the Code of Conduct for Business Partners. The document focuses mainly on the following areas:
  • Compliance with ethical principles and the applicable legislation;
  • Unconditional respect for human rights and employment law provisions;
  • Ensuring fair competition and fair market practices, and prohibition of any form of corruption,
  • Promoting sustainable development and environmental protection;
  • Integration of the defined rules and principles into the business practice of the business partners and the implementation of an effective detection system regarding any breaches of the stipulated rules and processes which enables finding an adequate solution and rectification of the situation.
The acceptance of the Code of Conduct for Business Partners is a necessary precondition for any contractual agreements between Ray Service and its partners.

Compliance Hotline (whistleblowing)

One of the preconditions for an effective compliance programme is the possibility to receive notifications regarding alleged unethical or unlawful conduct. Ray Service has therefore established a Compliance Hotline which can be used by all employees, business partners or other persons for making their notifications. The identity of whistleblowers is protected to the highest extent and the company guarantees not to take any retaliatory measures against the whistleblowers or to put them at a disadvantage. Ray Service undertakes to investigate all well-reasoned reports objectively and in good time, to find the root-cause and implement adequate remedial measures. Our whistleblowing system also includes the subsequent check of the adopted measures and the evaluation of their effectiveness as well as the reports of the established breaches and results of the adopted measures to the management of the company. The respective whistleblower is always informed about the investigation and its results. The implemented mode of receiving and handling of reports fully corresponds to the requirements under Act. 171/2023 Coll., the Whistleblower Protection Act.
Exemplary cases to be reported using the Compliance Hotline:
  • Suspicion of unlawful conduct or breach of industry regulations;
  • Unethical conduct, breach of the Code of Conduct;
  • Any signs of corrupt conduct (offering bribes, promise of an advantage, etc.);
  • Suspicion of breach of fair market competition;
  • Unauthorised disclosure of information;
  • Misrepresentation of information, falsifying of documents;
  • Acting when involved in a conflict of interests;
  • and more.

How to submit reports

Online Platform

The web platform is an easy way for filing reports, uploading any supporting documents, further communication during the ongoing investigation and for being informed about its outcome. All this is possible even if the whistleblower decides to stay anonymous. The reporting form contains instructions for making the report and is available at all times. You don’t need to set up any account for making the report.

Other Means of Submitting Reports

You can also submit your notification by phone, email or in person using the following contact details:
Alena Horáková
tel. +420 572 434 308

Online Platform

The received reports will be dealt with by a team of investigators tasked with an impartial and independent investigation. To this effect, the company has established internal guidelines and a set of defined procedures.

Other Tools of the Compliance Programme

Intern Tools of the Company

Our Compliance Programme further includes a set of interna rules and stipulated processes providing for the procedures and steps to be taken by the company’s employees in the key areas. These areas include the principles of business conduct (including the acceptance and granting of gifts, invitation to restaurants, procedure to prevent a conflict of interests), anti-corruption measures, fair competition rules, the specifics of international trade and requirements of the defence industry. Our employees have been acquainted with the relevant rules and regulations and receive adequate training regularly.

Supply Chain

Ray Service also aims to promote the implementation of compliance programmes on the part of its suppliers. In order to achieve this, it has established a set of specific measures, e.g. stipulating the supplier’s compliance with the Code of Conduct to be a precondition of the cooperation with Ray Service. A number of other measures are stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase of Ray Service. Compliance with the individual obligations is verified by means of regular audits of the suppliers and questionnaire surveys.