Small series production of fused threads up to 50 g on a BOY22A-VH machine using various materials, including mould design.


Machine braiding of cables on WARDWELL B10-48H machines, Cu/Sn shielding, NOMEX, PA braiding. Braiding diameters from 3 to 35 mm.


Machine and manual crimping of open and closed contacts for cables with cross-section ranging from 0.14 to 120 square mm.

Rapid Prototyping

Development and production of prototypes with the help of technologies based on 3D printing.

Laser Marking

Non-destructive wire marking with a UV YAG laser meeting the strictest aviation standards.

Robotic Potting

Precise application of potting and sealing gels on a four-axis programmable NORDSON DR 2404CE machine. Work area 400×400×150 mm + rotation axis 360 °.

Surface Finishing

High-quality surface protection of metals according to customer requirements. Surtec, anodizing, powder and wet painting.


Design, development and production of complex product, pricing optimization and troubleshooting.


CAD: Visio, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, NX
verification: VERICUT
Microsoft Visio

Production approaches

  • Built to print

    We create reality from your drawings.
    Production according to customer data in compliance with all the required standards and specifications.

  • Industrial design

    Our ideas contribute to your success.
    Optimizing design, materials and technologies to achieve cost savings and increased product quality.

  • Make to spec

    We create customized solutions.
    Production according to standards and specifications using high-quality and cost-effective components.

  • Prototyping

    We materialize ideas.
    Development and production of prototypes, their testing and documentation.

  • Reverse engineering

    We create the new from the old.
    Analysis of the product, creation of documents and production using the most recent materials.

  • Different approach

    Are you looking for a different approach that would better suit your needs?

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