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Company Introduction

Engineering and production of cable harnesses and electromechanical assemblies Land Systems 50 % Aerospace 35 % Motorsport 10 % Other industries 5 %

  • Land Systems 50 %
  • Aerospace 35 %
  • Motorsport 10 %
  • Other industries 5 %
Engineering and production of cable harnesses and electromechanical assemblies

Company introduction

Reliable and strong partner

Modern Czech company

Ray Service with its headquarters in Staré Město, Czech Republic is an international innovative manufacturer of cable harnesses, electromechanical assemblies, electronic equipment and cable components as well as distributor and integrator of such products and systems. More than 25 year of experience and intensive development have resulted in a strong, modern enterprise, a reliable and sought-after partner on an international level.

Renowned system integrator of cable components

Our company is a reputable system integrator of many world manufacturers of cable components – such as TE Connectivity, ITT Cannon, Habia Cable, Positronic, Brady, Kissling and others. The company has been successful and proved reliable in the highly demanding military, aerospace and industrial technology markets. On the Czech market it is now significantly involved in the programs of development and modernization of military equipment of the Czech Army.


Our philosophy

We do not rely on coincidence, we do not miss opportunities and we do not ignore challenges.
By pursuing the vision, fulfilling the mission, implementing corporate values, and by following the targeted strategic direction, we have laid a good foundation for the successful long-term and stable position of Ray Service.

Our philosophy

We consciously create
our future...


We are different than the others! Our commitment to provide an excellent service, consciously and conscientiously, contributes to the success of our customers. Our distinctive approach to others and the strict and consistent attitude towards ourselves forms our individuality in the sense of being better, more reliable, and faster! We challenge ourselves. Only then can the customers be discerning with us – with a certainty that their needs and expectations will be met to their satisfaction.


Our goal is to be and remain a stable sought-after partner – specialists in comprehensive services in the field of electrical systems for the military and aerospace industries. We pride ourselves on the ability to anticipate and respond flexibly to market fluctuations and changes in customer needs. Using our own production capacity and productivity, we dare to far exceed the abilities of the competition and responsibly solve the customer's chronic time problems.

Company values

Seven corporate values constitute a binding framework for staff behaviour in all positions. They are a useful guide for their attitudes and behaviour and determine the correct and consistent direction of the whole enterprise. The managers evaluate, together with co-workers, what the corporate values for each employee and job position mean and how they affect their work.

Customer focus

We concentrate on the individual requirements of our customers; we offer them the best solutions and assist in strengthening their competitiveness and efficiency. Their success generates our success.

Personal commitment

Only with the intense personal commitment of each individual can we achieve our common goals, improve our personal skills and streamline business processes. We are therefore ready to exercise significant effort and differentiate ourselves thanks to an active professional attitude.

Focus on teamwork

We believe in the power of teamwork and the use of the synergies and potential of the company. Only thanks to flexible teamwork can we achieve extraordinary results in what we do. Competition and problems can more easily and effectively be "fought against" in a team that cooperates, exchanges knowledge, experience and practice.


In the field of all internal and external relationships we operate as a trustworthy, loyal and respected partner. For our business partners, we strive to be an indispensable teammate, knowing how to effectively use the knowledge and experience of our own employees in symbiosis with advanced technologies.


The entire company consistently contributes to its own ability to excel on the market with new services, products and applications by the effective use of our own rich business and technical knowledge and experience.


We provide our customers with cost-effective products, services and solutions of strictly first-class quality. Every one of us places a high emphasis on quality – our goal has always been to be the best, which is why we are constantly working on ourselves.


We contribute to the stability of the balance between social and societal requirements and environmental protection requirements. We create tradition and consciously build a society for future generations.