Wiring Looms

Wiring Looms

Cable harness according to MIL standard

ECU Systems

ECU Systems

Sensors for harsh enviroment

Electronic Systems

Electronic Systems

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Fire Extinguishing System

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LED Lighting Systems

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Data Analysis

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Custom Products

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In the world of car racing, where fractions of a second decide a winner, Ray Service plays a vital role with its uncompromising quality, reliability and technical excellence. We have been cooperating with renowned brands in this specific industry, providing it with products and services which really matter.


ISO 9001

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we offer expertise in

Engineering & Production

  • Project definition
  • Development of a prototype for an object
  • Documentation
  • Optimizing of cable systems and their properties
  • Series production
  • Outsourcing
  • Type approval tests
  • Verification series

We strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection

  • Highest product quality
  • Timely deliveries
  • Possibility of production in a very short time
  • Individual approach to each project
  • Use of modern and professional technologies
  • Innovative approach including paperless documentation

Each project requires a different approach

  • Built to print

    We create reality from your drawings.
    Production according to customer data in compliance with all the required standards and specifications.

  • Industrial design

    Our ideas contribute to your success.
    Optimizing design, materials and technologies to achieve cost savings and increased product quality.

  • Make to spec

    We create customized solutions.
    Production according to standards and specifications using high-quality and cost-effective components.

  • Prototyping

    We materialize ideas.
    Development and production of prototypes, their testing and documentation.

  • Reverse engineering

    We create the new from the old.
    Analysis of the product, creation of documents and production using the most recent materials.

  • Different approach

    Are you looking for a different approach that would better suit your needs?

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Case study

Škoda Fabia R5

The project assignment was to produce complete wiring harness of at least the same quality as that of the previous Fabia S2000 that came within the FIA price limit. Therefore, the harnesses were optimized in combination with the above requirements. Thanks to these limits, we again pushed our capabilities forward and produce highly durable and high quality wiring at an affordable price. In the course of the contract, we also faced the requirement to double the volume of deliveries, in which we succeeded thanks to the excellent facilities of the company.

Main Looms

Given the time pressure of the project start-up and frequent technical changes made by the customer, the main harness was still being developed during series production.

ECU Systems

When increasing the resistance of sensors it was also necessary to resolve the electrical control. Each sensor is thus subjected to a functional test, so that we can achieve our standard of 100% electrically tested production.

Production of cable harnesses

Specialists for complex wiring

We are specialists for complex wiring in particular. Each wire in the harness is marked with its connection address (from/to) along its entire length. For the production harnesses we use models so that each harness is identical to the previous one.

Mil Spec Standard

Using Raychem materials, wires with 44 spec. or 55 spec. but also M22759, Deutsch or Souriau motorsport connectors we achieve quality wiring harness, which is required, for example, in the military sector.

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Contact person

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