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We believe that the knowledge and skills of our employees are our greatest assets, and so we are trying to establish cooperation with students and engage them in the company environment in the course of their studies.

High school students

Temporary and summer jobs for students

During the summer months we offer a number of jobs in production for secondary school students.

School projects

Ray Service actively encourages secondary school students in preparing graduate works and other school projects.

Internships for students

Ray Service enables school placements and internships under the supervision of experienced professionals who like to share their knowledge.

Corporate apprentices

In the school year 2015/2016, we opened a total of 6 electrician jobs for students. All the necessary information can be found in the relevant section on the school website.

Last year, Ray Service established a partnership with the Secondary Technical School and Business Academy in Uherský Brod

Students get work experience in our company in the course of their studies; they work during the holidays, and on the basis of their benefits they receive a scholarship. All project participants have employment guarantees after successful completion of their studies.

Scholarship program

Cooperation with the Secondary Technical School gives us the opportunity to employ new motivated, educated and linguistically equipped recruits in order to expand our production.

Petr Gabriel Founder of Ray Service


Ray Service offers excursions for secondary, vocational and primary schools that are interested in taking a look "behind the scenes" of a manufacturing and business company.

A workshop-based event with our HR manager is overseen by a career counsellor from the school. We guide the students through the operations, stopping at key employees who briefly introduce and show their work. The demonstrations can be of great help to the students in selecting their first job. By this excursion we raise the interest and enthusiasm of even the youngest ones.

University students

Bachelor's and master's theses

Ray Service also supports students in the completion of bachelor’s, master's, and doctoral theses in technical fields of study.

Temporary and summer jobs for students

During the summer months we offer a number of jobs in production for students.

Internships for students

Ray Service enables school placements and internships under the supervision of experienced professionals who like to share their knowledge.

Research projects

Ray Service is constantly engaged in innovative production processes and products, which provides an ideal opportunity for ambitious students.

Formula Student

Each team has to get all the resources on their own, and Ray Service participates in this competition as a gold partner of the team of the Brno University of Technology.

Cooperation with students from the Brno University of Technology

Formula Student is a competition for students in the design of a formula car. Student teams from around the world design, build and test racing cars of the formula type and later take part in racing events at prestigious racing circuits in Europe and the United States. The goal is to design and build a real single-seater racing car for recreational riders, present it to a fictitious investor, and then prepare a fictitious small-scale production of 1000 cars.

More about project

Trainee Stories

Marek Chvatík


I am the second-year student of the Technical, Hotel and Nursing Secondary School Uherské Hradiště, I study Electrical Engineering. I am glad that Ray Service allowed me this interniship in the first year of my studies. I currently attend internship and during my studies I continue in learning new informations and expanding my knowledge of technology. For instance, I participate in modification of technical drawing documentations. I edit technological processes and implement the bill of materials during my internship in the unit of Technical preparation of production. The huge benefit is a friendly company, my collegues are always helpful which I really appreciate.

Kristýna Pijáčková


Nowadays I am a student of Facualty of Electrical Engineering and Communication at the Brno University of Technology. During my internship in the unit of Technical preparation of production I participated in processing and modification of technical drawing documantations. I got into a group of great employees and thanks to these people I could be a part of The Projects days for pupils of primary and secondary schools. The aim of this project is to show young people that electrical engineering is not so complicated. I cooperated with Jan Rudinský from the unit of Technical inspection, together we organised some practises about printed circuit board. I appreciate that I have known this company Ray Service which raises interest about technology and gives young people a scope for evolving their knowledges.

Richard Konupka


I am currently studying 3rd year of Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Brno University of Technology with focus on automation. At the beginning of the 2nd year, I joined the Formula Student project and became part of the TU Brno Racing team. Thanks to this student project, I was given the opportunity to work closer with Ray Service. In Ray Service, I started in the production department where I had the opportunity to know necessary materials, drawing documentation and technological process needed for completing the cable harness. I also got a chance to participate in the technical preparation of production – that means all the engineering that precedes the production itself. I appreciate the helpfulness and willingness of the people I have worked with and the fact that the company has given me countless opportunities to extend my current knowledge of electrical engineering and cable harnesses. These new experiences will surely be useful for further study and in the next season of the Formula Student project.

Melanie Macht

German student

Within the student exchange program between the Grammar School in Tönisvorst, Germany, and the Secondary Vocational School and Grammar School in Staré Město, our company was joined by German student, Melanie Nacht. Melanie worked in the sales and marketing department. In the course of the work experience, Melanie attended the Engineering Trade Fair in Brno, compiled the prospectuses for the company presentation, corrected German translations and created English and French versions of the same, updated the contacts of French companies, participated in the preparation of materials for trade fairs and open days, etc. Melanie gained an insight into the daily rhythm of our company and became a very beneficial figure with regard to her linguistic competence and help with conventional, time-consuming work.

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